Andreina believes in building from the ground up. In human development, this translates to the inside out. This is why inhance starts with an “i”, because each individual needs to start with their inner self in order to enhance their lives, whether it is just to achieve a more meaningful, fulfilling personal life or to be a better leader or team player within a corporation.

Corporate Programs

Inhance offers companies the opportunity to explore new ways to inhance their culture, improve productivity and ultimately increase revenues through breakthrough sessions and coaching. Andreina’s programs are a mix of individual exploration, team and organizational development.

The programs are custom-made based on each company’s needs. After an assessment, Andreina designs a program that is in line with those needs and the results of the evaluation.

Different packages can be put together, including but not limited to:

  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Coaching Strategy
  • Leadership Programs
  • Team Building and Collaboration Programs
  • Results Monitoring
  • Individual Assessments & Coaching Sessions
  • Follow-up Sessions

What our clients say

Wowwwww, if you are looking for a wonderful team building activity for your employees/coworkers that works, or just looking to get back in touch with your inner self, Inhance, LLC is the way to go. In just two hours I realized now that sometimes I forget the little things that can make me content in my daily job, activities, and overall life. Thank you once again to Andreina and Inhance for helping me realize that before I can make our guests, clients, and team members happy, I need to be happy with myself. Since I have completed this activity and assessment, I appreciate all those around me even more; those not so close anymore, I am working to reconnect with them; and most importantly I am a better person every day when I wake up each morning, look in the mirror and I am content with the person I see.


I felt this training was pretty cool but overall I really enjoyed our last presenter, Andreina Pradas. I felt like her session really touched on the topics we discussed in our previous trainings. This training also taught me something, that success for everyone looks different. Some may feel they are successful and happiest when they can give to others while others feel spending time with others makes them the happiest and they feel self-fulfilled with that. I am proud to say that I no longer feel weary of the future and my success because through Public Allies I learned that anything is possible.



For over 20 years I have known Andreina as a compassionate and charismatic presence. I have witnessed numerous events and training sessions where she has touched the hearts of many individuals. Her lessons are straight forward and packed with priceless experiences. Experiences that will ease the life process for anyone willing to listen and apply the teachings. A woman driven by service, she will go the extra mile to resonate with every individual around her. Those who keep mind and heart open during her programs will experience a significant empowerment over their levels of happiness.


Create a Corporate Cultural Evolution.

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