Andreina believes in building from the ground up. In human development, this translates to the inside out. This is why inhance starts with an “i”, because each individual needs to start with their inner self in order to enhance their lives, whether it is just to achieve a more meaningful, fulfilling personal life or to be a better leader or team player within a corporation.

Coaching & Personal Development

Andreina offers private coaching sessions for individuals who are looking to inhance their lives and to ultimately have a happier, more fulfilling future.

She has also created a 7-step program that she uses for her Happy Hour Events and that she applies to her private practice as a framework, adapting it to each individual’s specific needs. The inhance approach is systematic because there is a methodology to happiness; in this way, Andreina removes the notion that happiness is based on luck. Happiness can be achieved by anyone and it can be taught.

What our clients say

Andreina helped me with a specific topic, which was my relationship with money. With her dedication and great listening skills, Andreina helped me get to the source of the problem. With her exercises and after 3-4 coaching sessions, I was able to understand and change my relationship with money by healing the pain.


I’m in debt to Andreina forever. She magnified an area in my life that I had dormant and did not want to bring into light. Her warm presence and understanding helped me open up and tackle the issue head on. After being honest and willing with her help. I was able to move forward, work through the issue and be happy. Thank you for all your help!


Create your own Evolution

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